It’s in the stars

I wouldn't say I'm into Astrology. I'm certainly not one who reads the stars in the paper each day or has them electronically delivered to my inbox. I may glance at them every now and then, perhaps when I'm wanting something to happen or looking for some wild guidance from an unknown place, but it doesn't rule my life. Yesterday whilst Googling something in the name of research (work of course), I stumbled upon an astrological website and clicked through to read about the 'Pisces Woman' of … [Read More...]


Book review: Gone Girl

  I'm a bit late to the party reading this one but with the upcoming movie due to be released in October this year, I thought I should read the book before seeing the movie. This is my second Gillian Flynn novel that I've read (finished … [Read More...]

why i write

Why I write

Back in March I was tagged in a blog hop on My Writing Process and it seems there has been many spin-offs from this, the latest gained momentum over at Always Josefa which now sees me tagged by the lovely Lisa at Random Acts of Zen. Now I don't … [Read More...]

one leaf

Would you be okay on your own?

(source)   Love is not need. Your true love is not the only thing. And you can not be ‘completed’ by someone. These are lessons I have learned over the past twenty years. When I was growing up I was insecure, shy and always wary of new … [Read More...]

sharp objects

Book Review: Sharp Objects

  As I do a lot of reading, I've decided that I should do more book reviews on the blog. I enjoy writing reviews and I like to do my reviews a little differently than the norm; not too much on the plot, no spoilers and short & sweet. I've … [Read More...]


You must have so much spare time!

This was the phrase someone uttered to me when I mentioned I'm only working out of the home two days per week. Now, I'm a fairly placid person and it really does take a lot to get me fired up and to pull on those ranty pants, but if anything can … [Read More...]

headmasters wife2

Book Review: The Headmaster’s Wife

  There is nothing I love more than picking up a book and being hooked within the first few pages. And if I'm honest, if the book doesn't hook me within the first chapter I find it hard to keep going, (something I'm trying to work on in my … [Read More...]

books and flowers

What sort of characters do you want?

Image source I have been doing a lot of reading in the past few weeks. Not only reading novels (The Headmaster's Wife by Thomas Christopher Greene is a ripper), but I've also been reading about the craft of writing. There is an abundance of … [Read More...]

full of surprises

People are full of surprises

When I decided to share this segment of Jim Carey's recent inspiring commencement speech, one thing surprised me; many didn't expect this from Jim Carey. It got me to thinking... How often do we really consider everything there is to know about … [Read More...]


Do you know an inspiring business mum?

As you know I'm not one for sponsored and promotional posts and although this isn't a sponsored post I will say that I have been asked to spread the word and be an affiliate for the AusMumpreneur Network. Why? The AusMumpreneur Network is … [Read More...]


Why routine is a recipe for boredom

(image credit)   What's the one key principle in life to a control freak? Routine. Control freaks like to be just that, in control and the best way to be in control is to have a wonderfully populated 'To Do' list and a highly structured … [Read More...]

fail at what you love

Why not fail at something you love?

  Perusing Facebook (as you do) early this morning I came across a segment of Jim Carey's recent commencement speech to Maharishi University of Management’s class of 2014. The piece was only one minute long but it was one minute that ended … [Read More...]

what doesn't

The Critique

I'm sitting here staring at the cursor with flashes of words on how to start this post running through my head. You see I received the feedback from my mentor on the first draft (or rough second edit) of my novel the other day, and as much as I would … [Read More...]

fairy tree

Moments at the fairy tree

Every now and then, on our regular walk to school, we take the long way. Along the dampened path by the river, towards the creaky, steel roped bridges and past the fairy tree. Yes, the fairy tree. You see, along the way there is a rather … [Read More...]

life is what happens

Why are we all so busy?

We' all say it. We all feel it. "I'm so busy!" We use it as an excuse. The opening to a rushed chat. The answer to 'What have you been up to?' But what is busy anyway? Why are we all so busy? It seems we are striving for that pinnacle of … [Read More...]

where is the love

Where is the love?

Sometimes in this world we can get bogged down by the bad. You only need to switch on the nightly news to be faced with all the negativity that surrounds us. Bickering politicians, drug related crime, shootings, abuse and rape. It can be disturbing, … [Read More...]

I'm Jodi, a freelance writer, blogger and aspiring fiction novelist.  I'm working on increasing my published portfolio of feature articles and currently polishing my first fiction manuscript. Here on the blog I write about love, writing and inspiring & motivational fodder to get you thinking. . 
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