jf gibson lost for words

Ever lost for words?

Last night I sat down to write a blog post. I tinkered with the keys, typed a few words, backspaced a lot, and finally closed the cover on my laptop and went to bed. I was lost for words. Lying in bed, I ran through all the writing I'd done this ...

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the power of story JF Gibson Writer

The power of story

(source) When I was a little girl I was entranced by the TV show Lassie. Remember that one? The beautiful Collie dog who managed to save everyone she came across? I used to sit down, not intending to watch, but ending up glued to the TV screen, ...

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fall leaves

So this is where I’m at

(source) Sometimes I'm amazed at how quickly life can change. Only two weeks ago I was ready to give up blogging (almost) and questioning everything, and last week I had such a crazy, positive ...

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sky pink clouds

When things don’t go to plan

source   How was your Easter? I had great plans for Easter this year. Not great as in highly exciting or adventurous, just great as in nice. You know those plans that involve not much at ...

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tea 1

Have you acted on impulse?

Have you ever done something rash? Acted on a whim? Acted on impulse? Despite knowing all the facts, the barriers, the negatives, still jumped? Normally I'd say I'm a rather conservative person. ...

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writing is like a winding road up a never ending hill

Writing: The evolution of a writer

(source) This week marks a pretty important week in my writing career: I've evolved enough as a writer over the past few years to firstly, to comfortable enough to call myself a 'writer' and ...

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letters 1

A letter to my future self

If you were around last week you may have read the letter I wrote to my 17 year old self. This week I'm tackling a letter to my future self, which is actually quite a difficult thing to do now that I ...

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