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Hi, I’m Jodi, and I write commercial contemporary fiction. I live in regional Victoria on a mini-farm with my husband, daughters, dogs, cat, horse, and chickens. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me with my nose in a good book, or in the kitchen baking and dreaming of my next traveling adventure. I’m currently working on my first novel, so subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated!

Latest on the blog

A Day in the Life of a Writer: Kylie Ladd

  I'm very excited for this week's guest author - Kylie Ladd! As you may know, Kylie is one of my favourite authors, and her latest book The Way Back, is hot of the press and doing fabulous things already. (As I knew it would!). Kylie is a novelist, psychologist...

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What I learned from setting myself a deadline

My social media feeds are often filled with writers working to deadline. Pictures of messy desks, empty chocolate wrappers and countless cups of coffee, all constant companions when working to a deadline. Most of these authors have real deadlines, with real editors...

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What I’ve learned about editing a novel

  It's been a while since I've popped in here for a chat. Actually, it's been a while since I did anything but edit a novel. Editing/rewriting/revising/redrafting - call it what you like, the process is different for all writers. And with each redraft, the...

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Book Reviews

Book Review: The Way Back

The Way Back Author: Kylie Ladd Published: 2017 Publisher: Allen & Unwin My Rating: 5/5 All she wanted was to escape. But why does she still feel trapped? Kylie Ladd is a gifted writer. I've been a fan of her writing since 2009 when I first read 'After The Fall',...

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Book Review: The Midsummer Garden

The Midsummer Garden Author: Kirsty Manning Published: 2017 Publisher: Allen & Unwin My Rating: 4/5 Two stories come together in a rich and sensuous celebration of family and love, passion and sacrifice. Behind the beautiful cover of The Midsummer Garden, lies an...

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Book Review: Beautiful Messy Love

Beautiful Messy Love Author: Tess Woods Published: 2017 Publisher: Harper Collins My Rating: 5 hearts out of 5 What happens when love and loyalty collide? Beautiful Messy Love is a heartwarming, funny, poignant and achingly beautiful tale of the realities of love. It...

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