home office 1

Gorgeous Home Office Inspiration

Tomorrow is my last day working outside the home. It will be a day mixed with excitement and a tinge of sadness, but I am so looking forward working from home. Although I was working from home part time and I do already have a home office, I'm ...

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What I believe

{image credit} I've been sitting here for a while trying to figure out how to begin this post. I know there are many who normally join in with IBOT who, out of respect for the hostage situation in Martin Place in Sydney, have chosen not to blog and ...

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book cat tea

My reading style [tagged]

 {image credit} A couple of weeks ago the lovely Bec from The Plumbette tagged me in a little questionnaire about my reading style. Anything books, reading or writing I'm all for so I'm thrilled to ...

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Sunday Session #7 {video blog}

{image credit} This week's Sunday Session video is a little late, but better late than never I always say. So join me for a cuppa on the couch as I discuss success and how there is no one ...

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yellow flowers 2014

2014: The year in review

Can anybody else believe it is really December? Where has the year gone? It only seems like yesterday that I waved goodbye to our youngest as she confidently strode off into the classroom to begin her ...

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brick wall

Hitting the wall

{image credit}   Yesterday I was supposed to crack the 40,000 word mark of NaNoWriMo. That's a big marker, as it's only 10,000 words of the winning target figure. But I have hit a ...

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be happy

25 things that make me happy

{source} Everyone always seems to be searching for their happiness. They look high and low, under rocks, behind doors expecting it to just appear in a puff of smoke out of thin air. Well it's not ...

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