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Checking in

(source) Do you ever feel like you blink and a whole week disappears? That's the feeling around here at the moment. Between work, study, writing, kid wrangling, dance competitions, sickness and the usual eat-clean-sleep necessities, the last week ...

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Tomorrow: a short story

I was thinking today about writing. Actually I think about writing everyday so it was really just a regular day. More specifically though, I was thinking how I don't really share a lot of my creative writing and I wondered why not? Apart from ...

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What makes you feel guilty?

  There is so much that makes us feel guilty these days. Food, relationships, exercise, emotions, motherhood, working, me time... the list goes on. Everyday guilt that society hammers ...

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How to kill the noise

(source) It's a busy, crazy world we live in. And noisy, oh so noisy. Do you ever feel like clamping your hands over your ears and just yelling stop? I do, and it's not only my introvert ...

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feet on top of water

Highs, lows, and extreme emotions

I'm writing this on a Sunday night after a big weekend. I'm emotional and tired but feel like writing to get it all out. I don't know if I'll end up publishing this right now, or at all. I'll guage ...

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The one where I go all mummy blogger

source I'm stepping out of my blogging niche right now to go all mummy blogger on you. Feel free to click away now to one of my other posts you may have missed like this one on why I'm okay with ...

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Why I’m okay with fairy tales

source Last weekend we took our youngest daughters to see the new adaption of Cinderella staring Cate Blanchett, and I'm pleased to say we all loved it! Fairy tales have increasingly received a ...

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jf gibson lost for words

Ever lost for words?

Last night I sat down to write a blog post. I tinkered with the keys, typed a few words, backspaced a lot, and finally closed the cover on my laptop and went to bed. I was lost for words. Lying in ...

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the power of story JF Gibson Writer

The power of story

(source) When I was a little girl I was entranced by the TV show Lassie. Remember that one? The beautiful Collie dog who managed to save everyone she came across? I used to sit down, not intending ...

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So this is where I’m at

(source) Sometimes I'm amazed at how quickly life can change. Only two weeks ago I was ready to give up blogging (almost) and questioning everything, and last week I had such a crazy, positive ...

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