Book Review: Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn is the fifth book from Australian rural fiction author Fleur McDonald. This is the first book of McDonald's that I have read and am excited to say I am looking forward to reading more. Rural fiction is a new genre for me, and with my focus this year to read more widely, the genre has been an exciting find. Crimson Dawn follows the character Laura Murphy as she takes over the running of the sheep station she grew up on from her Grandfather. Laura has done well to work the property … [Read More...]


The novice’s guide to writing

I almost love reading about writing as much as writing itself. The world wide web is full of wonderful (and not so wonderful) tips and advice for writers that one could spend too much time reading and never actually get around to writing. Over the … [Read More...]

old clock

You’re never too old

I rarely blog about my family but today I'm going to make an exception. My Dad is pretty amazing and he has led a very diverse and interesting life, so much so that I encouraged him to write his autobiography. I am an only child, a product of both … [Read More...]

yeah duckling

Give yourself permission

Last week I wrote about my latest epiphany and how I believe the thing we most want out of life are options. As I was replying┬áto one of the comments on that blog post, I began writing that I am proud of myself for working through to where I am now. … [Read More...]

shadow year

Book Review: The Shadow Year

I'm an impatient reader. If a book doesn't grab me within the first two or three chapters, I'm done. And that's how it would have been with The Shadow Year had it not been the book of the month at our book club! The reviews for The Shadow Year also … [Read More...]


What do you really want?

This morning I had an epiphany. I was minding my own business walking home from dropping the girls at school and thinking. I was thinking about life, frustration, feelings of being trapped and feelings of suffocation and then it hit me. I worked out … [Read More...]

foggy window

When clarity is lost

I've been trying for days to find some clarity in my thinking and writing. Normally I am able to write quite fluently but there are times when the flood gates open and the words begin to poor out all at once in no coherent order. This week has been … [Read More...]

this is your

What does living with purpose mean to you?

Do you ever feel you are simply floating along with the current? Letting life take you where it may? Our lives are so busy and time is a commodity. All too easily we get swept up in life, going from day to day, not living, just existing. Day by day, … [Read More...]


Flash Fiction #2

I'm again joining in with Anna Spargo-Ryan's Flash Fiction. This week the prompt was an audio sound titled "Walking on dry leaves" Here's what it sparked... … [Read More...]

writing flowers

My Writing Process

This week I'm excited to announce that I've been nominated by the lovely and talented Vanessa Carevale to take part in a blog hop and answer questions about my writing process. It's a great way to see what other like-minded writers are working on and … [Read More...]

walking tightrope

When I grow up…

Did you know what you wanted to be when you were growing up? Did you get to mid way through high school and have firm visions of what your career would be and where it would take you? Did you always have that burning sensation driving you towards … [Read More...]

books imagination

How does a good book make you feel?

Sometimes when I'm reading a book, particularly if it is a good book, I get distracted. My mind starts to wander from the story line and I find myself pausing and simply enjoying the word dancing in rhythm on the page. You see a good book will do … [Read More...]


When is an opinion really a judgement?

During my scheduled Twitter time last night I came across a link to an article on a popular website. To keep things in perspective it was a website that sometimes posts controversial articles that provoke response and debate from readers, as most … [Read More...]

ballons leap

Change: the next chapter

Last week I blogged about how my word for the year 'change' is going. In that post I hinted that I have another 'change' in store that I was planning to share. So here it is... … [Read More...]


Flash Fiction #1

My lovely twitter friend and writerly inspiration Anna Spargo-Ryan has been holding a series of flash fiction prompts of which I have been wanting to join in with. Finally today I have. Pop over to Anna's blog to say hi for me after you read my … [Read More...]

where you go

Change: the journey so far

Late December I announced my word for 2014, that word being change. Now seven weeks into the new year and I feel that my word has been a perfect choice. It's funny how a word can affect your mindset so much, but I think you also have to be ready too. … [Read More...]

I'm Jodi, a freelance & corporate writer, blogger, business owner and mum to four girls. I'm also an aspiring fiction novelist. I have a wide professional background from social media management & marketing, office management, real estate, health, retail and business management. I am driven, love to be challenged and thrive on deadlines. I truly believe to succeed you must fail and that chocolate and music are essentials in life.  
You can read more about me and what I do here
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