5 blogging tips from a non-problogger

Over the past week or so my social media feed has been filled with the hysteria surrounding the Problogger conference which was held recently on the Gold Coast. In case you've been hibernating for the winter and have just woken up, the Problogger conference, now in its fifth year, is a training and networking event for bloggers wanting to make the most of their blogging experience. Attendees are treated to a fascinating group of guest speakers talking on topics such as profiting from your … [Read More...]

roadmap 2

5 Ingredients for a successful USA family roadtrip

This time next week I will be meandering around the streets of New Orleans French Quarter in search of the best Gumbo in town. Yes, we are off to the good old US of A on a family roadtrip. And right now I am a mix of excitement and nerves! I … [Read More...]

Style: "PINK"

5 Imperfect Female Role Models

We often think of role models as people to look up to. We place them on a pedestal as images of perfection to be admired, and we tell ourselves that is how we should strive to be. Often the media influences our choice in role models, particularly … [Read More...]

big little lies

Book Review: Big, Little Lies

Liane Moriarty is fast becoming one of my favourite Australian authors. Her book 'The Husband's Secret', a NY Times No 1. Best Seller, has sold over 1 million copies alone. And Liane's latest book, the highly anticipated 'Big Little Lies' is bound to … [Read More...]

if it makes you happy

Writer’s Guilt: You feel?

I often wonder what it would feel like to be a highly successful author. Someone who has the talent and dedication to their craft and who can justify sitting down for hours and just writing fiction. As a budding fiction writer I find myself at … [Read More...]

value of a memory

What’s your child’s best & worst memories?

I'm big on memories. Memories are what makes a person who they are. I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood that I hold dear. The ones that make me smile, the ones that make me long for a simpler time and the ones that if I close my eyes … [Read More...]


7 ways to find more time in your day

Today is the beginning of my four week focus on fitness. The past twelve months has seen me struck down with chronic back pain from an old water skiing injury and has seen my fitness levels drop. And I hate it. I like being fit. I like the feeling … [Read More...]


Opinion: Princess of Instagram

Welcome to a new weekly segment here on the blog where I voice my opinion on topical issues. Until I get a weekly paid op-ed gig (offers welcome click here); this is it! This week I'm tackling something that really got me fired up: The Princess of … [Read More...]

O’ Captain, My Captain.

Today the world lost a truly talented, amazingly brilliant, yet unfortunately troubled soul in Robin Williams. I can't begin to imagine what those closest to him and who knew him best are going through right now, nor can I begin to understand the … [Read More...]

liebster flowers

Ponder this…

  Last week I blogged about being nominated for the AusMumpreneur Blog Award which was a little exciting, and thank you to those who have voted too. After that little flush of excitement  you could imagine my surprise when I find in my inbox … [Read More...]


Something a bit exciting

Late last week a little email arrived in my inbox telling me I had been nominated for the Best Blog Award at AusMumpreneur.com! It's a little exciting! Now usually I'm not one for competitions, particularly those voted by the public; they … [Read More...]

failure to try

If you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

image source The other day I was reading Kylie Purtell's blog - A study in contradictions where she posed the question to her readers: "If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do with your life that you're not doing now?" I've written … [Read More...]

the one thing

The One Thing…

After my last post where I spoke about my frustrations of procrastination and loss of motivation, I must say I've had a good few days. I sent off four pitches, one which was pitched, commissioned and published in the same day, and I've done some more … [Read More...]

grand canyon

Taking the blame

I wish I could explain what was going on in my head right now. For the past what seems like months, but is possibly only two weeks, I have been in a rut. No, worse than that, it is an expansive ravine rivalling the Grand Canyon, yet a little less … [Read More...]


It’s in the stars

I wouldn't say I'm into Astrology. I'm certainly not one who reads the stars in the paper each day or has them electronically delivered to my inbox. I may glance at them every now and then, perhaps when I'm wanting something to happen or looking for … [Read More...]


Book review: Gone Girl

  I'm a bit late to the party reading this one but with the upcoming movie due to be released in October this year, I thought I should read the book before seeing the movie. This is my second Gillian Flynn novel that I've read (finished … [Read More...]

I'm Jodi, a freelance writer, copywriter, blogger and aspiring fiction novelist.  I love writing. From interesting feature articles, to compelling website copy, I aim to make words count. I'm also currently polishing my first fiction manuscript. Here on the blog I write about love, writing and inspiring & motivational fodder to get you thinking.  
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