Why the internet is a problem for over-thinkers?

Is the internet is a bad place for over-thinkers?

(image source) There's no doubt I'm an over-thinker. I try not to be, but it is ingrained in my brain just as much as the prints on my fingers. It's who I am. So I've come to terms with being an over-thinker, most of the time it's not a bad ...

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writing is like a winding road up a never ending hill

Writing: The evolution of a writer

(source) This week marks a pretty important week in my writing career: I've evolved enough as a writer over the past few years to firstly, to comfortable enough to call myself a 'writer' and ...

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letters 1

A letter to my future self

If you were around last week you may have read the letter I wrote to my 17 year old self. This week I'm tackling a letter to my future self, which is actually quite a difficult thing to do now that I ...

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3 ways to simplify the overwhelm

(image credit)   There's been a lot of talk in recent days about overwhelm. It seems every person I talk to is struggling with the suffocating feeling of overwhelm. And it makes me cringe, ...

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welcome cottage

On the street where you live

(image credit) Last week one of my favourite bloggers John James over at The stuff that comes out of my head... wrote an insightful and interesting post about the street he grew up on. As you may ...

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kicking my own butt update

Kicking-my-own-butt update!

I'm almost too excited to write this post. But it's not the kind of excitement generated by winning the lotto, it's more the nerdy kind of excitement. The excitement that comes from truly loving what ...

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light bulb flowers

Why it’s time to kick-butt

It's time. The shine of the new year has faded, and the time has come for some real ass-kicking work. As many of you know this is my first full time year writing so I'm ready, and need to, get ...

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