Proofreading Services

Do you need a professional proofreading service?

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I have over six years’ experience in writing articles, websites and material for various publications and businesses. This, combined with my background in both sales, and social media consultancy, has allowed me to develop an eye for words.

Now, as I am concentrating on my novel writing, I limit my services to proofreading.


Proofreading services – what I offer.

A great looking website, marketing material that wows, and social media that stamps its ground. You can have all of that, but if the words don’t flow, or there are spelling and grammar errors you’re credibility will suffer. Words matter. And that’s where I come in.
You write the words, and then let my experienced eyes look over them for you to ensure you’re putting forward a professional image, and making a memorable impact for the right reasons.

And for a whole lot less than engaging a professional copywriter to do the lot!


I can help you with:

Spelling, grammar, punctuation

Nothing spells amateur more than a website littered with spelling and grammatical errors. If it seems you don’t care about your website content, how will your clients trust you to care for their needs?

Syntax and readability

The online world has changed the way we absorb information. The way you choose and order your words has never been more important.

Clarity and context

Your words need to be clear, concise, and easy to read allowing the reader to quickly understand what you can do for them in as little time (and words) as possible.


As they say, consistency is the key. I will check your site for consistent use of tone, grammar, style, and formatting.

How much?
$40.00 per hour, but I prefer to quote the job beforehand so you know how much you’re up for upfront. (And I promise you’ll be surprised – in a good way.)

Interested?  drop me an email right now.