Here is a selection of my short pieces of writing. They may be short stories, poems or simple pieces of writing that I may draw from at a later stage. Please click on the title to read. If you have any comments or you are further interested in my writing you can email me at

Chapter 1 Draft Untitled May 2012

Facing Home, stage 1

Last Night short piece


The following are some of my creative writing pieces that were born from writing prompts. Writing prompts are a fabulous way to spark your creativity and motivate you to write. I now start each and every day with a ten-minute writing prompt session. Please keep in mind, these are written, unedited (apart from spelling and some grammar checks) and they are far from perfect. However, they are great examples on the different directions that writing prompts can take you.

Writing Prompt: Eye Contact

writing prompt: Unrequited love

writing prompt: Who’s dancing