I’ve long been a lover of creative writing and so it comes as no surprise to me that one of my pie in the sky goals is to become a published author. But behind the allure and novelty of being a published author is a lot of hard work. A lot. Hours and hours of writing that often feels like bashing your head against a brick wall covered in rusty nails.

Ernest Hemingway sums it up beautifully:

writing ernest hemingway


Some ask why? Why on earth would you want to do something that is so painstakingly torturous?

To a writer, the answer is simple: because we have to.


Fiction works currently out on submission:

I completed The Memories We Hide in October 2018. The manuscript is currently out on submission. The title and cover art are subject to change upon publication.


The Memories We Hide (working title)

Burdened by a promise to her mother who recently passed away, Laura Murphy returns to her home town to make amends with the past and be honest about her future. It has been seven years since she has been home, fleeing after the shocking and tragic death of her then boyfriend Ryan Taylor, the night of their final year of school exam party.
While packing up her mother’s things, Laura discovers a newspaper clipping alluding that Ryan’s death may not have been an accident. Hoping that this may be the answer she needs to move forward, Laura sets out to find out what really happened the night Ryan died.
Along the way Laura reunites with her oldest friend Tom, who secretly harbors feelings for her and has troubles of his own. And she encounters her ex-best friend Rachel, who holds a secret that just might change everything.
Will the betrayals and secrets of those once closest to her be too much to bear? Or will Laura’s own memories be the key to it all?