Archived Articles Portfolio

From the archives.

Below is a list of published feature articles I was commission to write for various online publications during 2012 and 2014 when I was mainly feature writing. Today I write as offten as possible for the Huffington Post, Medium, and Thought Catalog, while I focus on writing my novels.


Women’s Agenda

5 CV tips for parents returning to work, August 2014

How corporate women can adjust to motherhood, April 2014

Five brilliant tips to tackle stress, October 2013


Essential Baby

What you need to know about inductions, July 2014

How yoga can help strengthen your pelvic floor, June 2014


Essential Kids

How to talk to your kids about world tragedy, July 2014

How to encourage independent teens, April 2014

Is your child a leader or follower?, February 2014

– What to do if your child hates school, February 2014

– Advantages of one on one time with your kids, December 2013

– How to help children keep their innocence longer, November 2013

– 5 ways to keep you cool as a parent, August 2013

– How to parent the sensitive child, August 2013

Social Media 101: Getting it Right, February 2015

– Guest blogging at the member only Ausmumpreneur Group, 2012-2013


The Parenting Files

– How are you protecting your kids from cyber-bullying?, February 2014

How to encourage healthy eating habits for your family, December 2013

Why we shouldn’t burden our children with expectation, October 2013

How to survive the family road trip. September 2013

Do we only get once chance?, September 2013

– Are you over the parenting debate? (The Parenting Files), August 2013


Coping With Jane

– Why Angelina Jolie is Heroic , May 2013

– Easy ways to exercise in the morning and why you should April 2013

– Five lip glosses to bring out your inner sass , Nov 2012

 Should you embrace the teacher’s strike?  Sept 2012

– Finally grieving my mother’s death Sept 2012

– Why I don’t feel divorce shame,  August 2012

– Why Cyber-bullying is everyone’s problem, August 2012


The Shake
Everything in moderation. Why is fad eating so common? (, August 2013


– Mothering without a Mother, April 2013


Beautiful Crazy Life

Am I a good mum?, August 2013

Here’s to normal mothers, August 2013

Why 40 is no longer scary, August 2013


3 Time saving tips everyone needs to know , Oct 2012

What to do when it all gets too much, Oct 2012